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How can I become an accredited centre for beauty courses?

We actually get asked this question a lot by our candidates who are aspiring beauty trainers and assessors. There is a difference between being an accredited beauty trainer or beauty assessor (see Beauty & Hairdressing Trainer Courses) and getting your salon accredited to give your learners certificates.

In order to give a learner an official qualification certificate, your salon or institution must be registered with some authority or regulator who would award that certificate. Only CPD certificates can be issued by an individual or non-accredited centre/salon.

How can I qualify to accredited different types of beauty courses?

Within the beauty and hairdressing industry, there can be two types of courses. One type of beauty training courses are offered by brands such as makeup or hair-care brands who would come to your salon and give you (as salon owner or manager) their own beauty trainer training and then authorise you to teach and certify your learners. In this scenario the brands may require you to have at least the L3 AET teaching qualification and then their own training and then you’re an accredited beauty trainer for those particular courses.

The second more common type of beauty qualification is usually a beauty or hairdressing NVQ such as those awarded by VTCT who award and regulate registered beauty NVQs in the UK. In order to deliver or assess NVQ beauty courses from an awarding body like this you would need to be or have an accredited beauty assessor and trainer (see Beauty & Hairdressing Trainer Courses). 

You would need at least one of the training staff to be a qualified IQA as per the section below. 

Most importantly, you would have to register your salon as a centre with the awarding body. They will do visits and speak to your beauty trainers and assessors as well as the IQA and support you through the process. In return, you will maintain the quality and assessment policies and procedures they require and pay them their annual centre fees and then a registration fee for each student.

How can I become an IQA or internal verifier for beauty and hairdressing courses?

In order to become an Internal Verifier or Internal Quality Assurer you would have to do the Level 4 IQA course - this used to be the V1 course. Usually the salon owner or manager would do this course and it would enable you to manage the quality of assessment and training being carried out in your salon. In order to do this course you would need at least 2 beauty assessors whose work you can verify but don’t worry if you don’t have these. 

You can do only the IQA theory unit 1 to get you started on the knowledge part and once you get access to 2 beauty assessors you can then you can add on the other unit - we always give discounts to returning customers!

The only scenario where a Beauty IQA would need the Lead IQA course would be if you were verifying beauty and hairdressing courses in a college and have a team of at least 2 other beauty internal verifiers whose work you can allocate and monitor. 

So, take your beauty training career to the next level to become an even better, more assured beauty and hairdressing professional - after all, knowledge is power! For more information, click on one of the options below or contact us for bundle discounts or click on the live webchat below!

Become an Accredited Training Salon for Beauty Courses | Educational Advice

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