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How do I become a trainer in the Construction industry?

Hello! Ready to take your craftsmanship in the construction industry to the next level and become a construction trainer? Study entirely online and at your own pace with ELN. Choose between different training qualifications and become qualified to train in the construction industry and pass on your expertise. 

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET) enables you to become a construction trainer for any CSCS courses where you have competence e.g. bricklaying, plastering, forklift trainer and scissor lift trainer etc. You will be able to teach up to level 3 NVQ construction courses like the L3 Construction and the Built Environment after completing this L3 AET qualification. Most of our candidates from the construction industry choose this L3 train the trainer course.

The Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET) is suitable to become a qualified construction trainer if you need to teach higher level courses such as the Level 4 Diploma in Construction Site Management. The L4 CET course can help boost your CSCS trainer job but it requires 30 hours of teaching while doing the course so make sure you have the required teaching work in place before applying. 

How do I become a Construction Assessor?

If you wish to assess construction apprentices, please scroll further down the page.

If you wish to assess NVQ construction courses, you should study the Level 3 Award in Assessing Work Competence course (Units 1 & 2). This course focuses on work-based assessment only because in the construction industry assessment is done on-site e.g. painting and decorating, property maintenance, bricklaying, carpentry and joinery etc would all be assessed on-the-job. This Level 3 Workplace Assessor course is the most popular choice to become a CSCS Assessor. 

If you're unable to meet the requirements for this course, but still wish to become a construction assessor, you can study the theory unit only Assessor qualification. This will help you gain the knowledge behind assessments and get a foot in the door as an assessor for construction courses. Once you have your own learners then you can add on the unit 2 any time. We always give generous loyalty discounts to returning customers. 

If at any point you do go on to assess the Level 3 or 4 Certificate or Diploma courses in Construction then you can opt for the full Lead Assessor course (Units 1,2,3). Or if you have already done the Workplace Assessor course mentioned above then you can add on the final unit at a fantastic discount, whenever you’re ready.

What is the Salary of a Construction Trainer Assessor?

Once you become a recognised construction trainer you can earn really well. Construction Trainer Jobs can pay as per the list below. Please note that rates are accurate for the UK market at the time of writing and may vary depending on the employer.

  • Senior Lecturer – Building Services (£52,000 a year)
  • Construction NVQ Assessors / Trainers (£150 - £300 a day)
  • Operations Coordinator - Construction Training Centre (£25,000 a year)
  • Experienced Civils Operative/Civils Trainer (£30,000 - £35,000 a year)

How can I assess Construction Apprenticeships?

As you know many young people getting into the construction industry today are going through many Construction Apprenticeships. A few examples of these are building services, engineering technician & engineering site management, civil engineering site management, construction design management etc. All apprenticeships in the construction industry are assessed via End Point Assessments (EPAs). In order to become a Construction EPA Assessor, you can do the End Point Assessor course. This will help really boost your career prospects as Apprenticeships become more and more popular in the UK due to increased government funding going into Construction Apprenticeships each year. However, please note that if you already have the Lead Assessor course mentioned above there would be no need to do this course.

How do I become an Internal Verifier in the Construction Industry?

If you are experienced in the Construction Training industry and wish to move up the ladder and start internally verifying construction courses, the L4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment is the right choice for you. 

Please note that this IQA course is different from assessing. The Assessor Course qualifies you to assess learners, you can question, test, observe your learners and give them feedback on their work onsite. However, as a Construction Internal Verifier or IQA, you will be managing at least 2 other assessors and the quality of their assessment decisions. You will not be directly involved with teaching or assessing construction learners in this case.

In case you don't meet the requirements for the IQA course, you can study the IQA theory only unit. Once you have the knowledge you can convince your employer to entrust you with more responsibility and get access to assessors. This will increase your pay as a construction trainer assessor and also allow you to become a manager for other construction trainers and assessors!

Act Now, Buy a Construction Trainer Assessor Course Today!

So, take your vocational learning to the next level to become an even better, more assured construction professional - after all, knowledge is power! For more information or to purchase a course, click on one of the options below and boost your construction trainer or assessor career. Alternatively, if you want to buy more than one course we encourage you to get in touch- Contact us, so we can get you a package discount. It’ll be worth it!

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