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What is End-Point Assessment?

An end-point assessor is responsible for assessing apprentices prior to them completing their apprenticeships. This includes apprentices in multiple sectors including healthcare, construction, hospitality, early years or management. All you’d need would be the 2-unit L3 Award in End Point Assessment and competence in a specialist area where you would like to assess. Since this is a practical NVQ course you will need access to 2 apprentices. 

As an End Point Assessor, you will engage with the apprentice over a certain time period and assess via different methods including but not limited to observation, discussion, portfolios, presentations, interviews etc. This is why it's essential for the assessor to have previous experience in the relevant sector. 

Can I do the EPA qualification without access to an apprentice?

In case you do not have access to any apprentices right now you can always do the theory unit EPA course and increase your knowledge of End Point Assessment. Having the theory unit may help your chances of finding work as an EPA and then once you get access to apprentices, you can add on the second practical unit. We always offer loyalty discounts to returning students!

Should I do the CAVA or EPA course to be an End Point Assessor?

Many candidates ask us this question. The answer depends on the variety of assessments you do or aim to do in your career.

You must ask yourself do you want to assess only apprentices? If yes, then you should go ahead with the EPA course.

If you think you will assess not only apprentices but also learner on other NVQ, QCF, RQF, Higher Nationals or other types of qualifications then we recommend you do the L3 Assessor CAVA course. This course will allow you to become a fully qualified assessor and assess a broad range of qualifications in the UK and abroad.

What is the salary of an End-Point Assessor?

The EPA qualification will land you in positions as an End-point Assessor on the following salary ranges:

  • Apprenticeship Skills Development Tutor (£25,342 a year)
  • Apprenticeship Learner Support & Assurance (Eng. Programmes) (£30,000 - £32,000 a year)
  • Lean Manufacturing Operative Assessor (£24,000 - £27,000 a year)
  • Apprenticeship Assessor in Procurement & Project Management (£35,000 a year)
  • Plastering Apprenticeship Trainer (£24,000 - £32,000 a year)

What’s next in my career after the EPA course?

Once you build your career assessing apprentices in your specialist area, the next step to grow your career would be to become an internal verifier or Internal Quality Assurer. For this, you would need to complete the L4 Internal Quality Assurance course. For the course, you will need two other End Point Assessors whose assessment decisions you can verify and standardise. This will really help boost your career prospects.

How can I Externally Verify End Point Assessments?

An apprenticeship gateway assessment is externally assessed by an EQA or External Quality Assurer or External Verifier similar to the way an organisation goes through the External Quality Assurance process. While you would need employment with an Awarding Body to complete the second unit of this EQA qualification, we recommend that you at least do the L4 Award in Understanding EQA (theory only) so that you can learn about the external verification process which would, in turn, inform your current practice and again boost your career progression in the eyes of any employer.

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End Point Assessment (EPA) Qualifications | Become an EPA

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