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Hello! Ready to take your passion in the field of engineering to the next level? Study entirely online and at your own pace and become an engineering NVQ trainer or assessor. 

Which courses are best suited to become an Engineering Trainer?

You can choose between different Education & Training qualifications such as the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training (CET). The level of the training course depends on the awarding body requirements and the level of courses you want to teach. So for example, most of our Middle East clients choose the Level 4 CET, see the case study. This is because this Level 4 training course satisfies the requirements of the KHDA in UAE and the Ministry of Education in KSA as well as the official requirements in neighbouring countries.

In the UK, most engineering candidates do the Level 3 AET course to get into teaching railway engineering e.g. some of our candidates from the TFL. By doing this course you will be able to teach engineering courses up until level 3. However, if you get into teaching engineering at a college level in the UK, you would most likely require the Level 4 Certificate or even the Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training. The benefit of doing the L5 DET would be that you could get the QTLS and then be qualified to teach engineering at any college or university in the UK and abroad. In this instance it would be best to confirm with the College or University before applying for the course.

How can I assess engineering courses?

If you wish to assess engineering courses, you can study the Level 3 Certificate in Vocational Assessment. The reason you’d have to do this full Lead Assessor Qualification is because in engineering, you usually always have to assess your learners on their theory knowledge whether you are in manufacturing, railway or any other sector of engineering. After the theory test in the classroom, you would also assess your learners ‘in the workplace’ i.e. using the equipment, machinery or carrying out the repairs and checks as required. This would be assessed via direct observation, Q&A and feedback. Once you do this course you can rest assured that you can assess engineering students in the UK and beyond.

How can I become an Internal Verifier for engineering courses?

If you are already an experienced engineer in your specialist field and are now ready to take your engineering teaching career to the next level then you should get into IQA for engineering courses. The L4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment used to be known as the V1 course in the UK and can qualify you to manage and verify the work of engineering trainers and assessors in your organisation. In case you don't meet the practical requirements for this, you can study the IQA theory only unit. The choice is all yours!

How much can I earn as an Engineering Trainer?

Engineering Training qualifications are essential for you if you are interested in working on the following job as an Engineering Trainer:

  • Engineering Trainer - Mechanical  £36,000 - £40,000 a year
  • Mechanical Trainer / Assessor       £34,000 a year
  • Engineering Tutor   £22,000 - £29,500 a year
  • Technical Trainer Partner - Engineering    £35,000 - £42,000 a year
  • Electrical Instrumentation Trainer/ Assessor £31,000 - £33,700 a year
  • Marine Electro-Technology/Electrical Engineering Trainer £16,378 a year
  • Mechanical Trainer/Assessor £31,000 - £33,700 a year

So, take your professional development to the next level to become an even better, more assured engineering professional - after all, knowledge is power! For more information, click on one of the options below or contact us for our bundle discount click here or click on the live webchat now!

Engineering Training Courses | CET & IQA Certification

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