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Do you want to teach Level 2 First Aid or CPR or even the Level 3 First Aid at Work? Read about the right train the trainer course and choose between different qualifications to become a trainer in the First Aid sector.

How do I become a First aid trainer?

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET) is suitable for you if you want to get into teaching in First Aid courses. This Level 3 AET course will qualify you to teach courses within First Aid where you have knowledge and experience. You will be able to teach courses like the L2 Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) and Level 3 First Aid at Work (FAW) courses after you complete the Level 3 AET qualification. You can also become a CPR trainer after completing this online level 3 trainer course. During your course, you will have support from quality tutors and an interactive highly-rated Learning Management System.

This level 3 teaching course will also qualify you to teach many First Aid courses like the Level 2 CPR & Defibrillator or Basic Life Support courses.

You can pair the Level 3 AET qualification with the Assessor theory only (UPPA) course for only $55 if you want to get Assessor knowledge; however, this is not a requirement in general for this sector, so make sure you confirm this with your employer.

Some employers may require the Classroom Assessor course which will give you the theory and practice to assess learners in the classroom or simulated environment for example assessing learners do CPR with a CPR doll/mannequin. Again, this is rare and usually not required if you are working freelance so check out the employer’s requirements before committing to a course like this.

What is the salary of a First Aid Trainer?

  • Trainer – OST (Officer Safety Training), Fitness & First Aid (£32,673 - £34,578 a year)
  • Trainer - Work base from home (£35,000 a year)
  • Fitness Officer (£20,092 - £22,254 a year)
  • Training Team Manager (£30,300 - £40,000 a year)
  • BAS Health Safety & Fire (£24,619 - £27,381 a year)
  • Health, Safety and Fire Administrator (£24,619 - £27,381 a year)

How do I become a First Aid Internal Verifier?

If you believe you have enough training experience in the First aid Industry and think you can become an Internal Verifier, you should go for the L4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment. This L4 TAQA course will qualify you to internally verify the work of trainers and teachers in your specialist area i.e First Aid.

If the L4 TAQA IQA course has requirements that you do not meet, then you can opt for the IQA theory-only unit. It has all the theoretical knowledge you may need to progress in your career and may also increase your pay scale as a First aid Internal verifier.

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First Aid Training Courses | First Aid Trainer Qualifications

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