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Becoming a trainer in your sector has never been easier. We have a wide range of trainer certifications for you to become a trainer for teaching nursing, dentistry and even the doctors train the trainer course. 

Find out how you can expand your career in the NHS by qualifying to teach and train in your specialist area of medical expertise. Select the right teacher training course to suit your medical training career.

How do I get into teaching as a medical trainer?

If you are looking for a change in your career, try teaching courses related to your medical practice. The AET / PTLLS Level 3 course enables you to teach and train adult learners (16+ years), whether they are doctors, nurses, dental hygienists, etc. You can get into teaching in any Further Education or Higher Education sector where you have expertise. 

With this level 3 teaching programme, you can teach your learners courses upto level 3, such as the Level 3 Diploma in Healthcare Support and be a part of adult nursing support, maternity support, theatre support, mental health support, children and young people’s support or allied health professional courses.

How do I become a nursing or dental trainer?

The Level 4 CET Qualification will enable you to teach courses upto level 4 in the medical and health industry. For instance, if you have the right knowledge or competence, you can teach the Level 4 safeguarding training for named health professionals to individuals in your organisation. Completing this training program can enable you to train medical professionals in your sector up to level 4.

Which healthcare courses can I teach with the Level 5 DET?

The DET online course, which is commonly known as Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training or DTLLS, is suitable for train the trainer training in nursing and dentistry. The online DET leads to the Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) in the UK, allowing you to teach in pretty much any FE or HE institution in the UK or abroad. This L5 teaching qualification is similar to an undergraduate degree in education or the Secondary PGCE course. You will be able to teach courses such as the level 5 higher national diploma in healthcare practice (nursing and healthcare assistant) (RQF) in UK colleges or abroad.

How much will I earn after completing these NHS Train the Trainer courses?

If you become a trainer in the healthcare sector, you can get well-paid jobs as a nursing, dentistry or other medical teacher trainer. Here are a few sample jobs from the industry.

  • Care Manager £35,000 - £38,000 a year
  • Health and Social Care Trainer £24,000 - £27,000 a year
  • Health Improvement Officer (Mental Health / Suicide Prevention) £32,979 - £35,607 a year
  • EPR Credentialed Trainer £26,938 - £33,111 a year

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Train the Trainer Courses for NHS | CET & CTLLS Qualification

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