Internal quality assurance (IQA) Legislation

Internal quality assurance (IQA) Legislation

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Internal quality assurance (IQA) Legislation guarantees that IQA procedures are consistent, safe, and fair. It is necessary to have a system to keep track of all aspects of training, learning, and assessment from when a learner begins to the time they complete. It can also happen before the learner starts, like watching the application and interview process, or it can happen after they leave, like watching the progression paths. IQA should not just occur at the conclusion of a programme or after a learner has graduated; this is poor practice. Another responsibility of an internal quality assurer is to assist staff and, as needed, make arrangements for additional training and development.

Just like in training, Internal verifiers must learn, understand and implement certain considerations in their procedures. Following, we have shown the major considerations that a competent IQA should keep in mind.

Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Legislation

ELN The e-learning Network offers the Internal quality assurance (IQA) award, certificate course, and NVQ qualifications. Pearson Edexcel and NOCN accredit us. They are recognised throughout the UK and in several other countries. 

Do you want to learn more, click here to learn about Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Courses? We hope we have answered all your questions regarding the policies and legislation for Internal Quality Assurance(IQA). If we’ve missed anything or if you would like to add anything, why not Contact Us or the live webchat.


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