Become a Teacher without a degree

Become a Teacher without a degree

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The degree versus certification, this topic has always been under controversy. The question is, can I become a teacher without a degree? You will definitely find your answer here. 

Can I become a teacher without a degree?

The great news is, Yes! You can become a teacher without spending a handsome amount of money in Uni on a Degree. All you need is a Qualified Teachers Status (QTS). Click on How to get QTS which has been explained in detail. You have two ways to into teaching.

The first method is the assessment-only route. This route requires you to look for a Teachers Qualification or a Level 5 Education course. Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training course was previously known as DTLLS. The criteria to enrol in the L5 DET teaching qualification is simple. You only need an NVQ/RQ qualification in your specialist area. 

The second method is to attain the primary teaching assistant course, also known as the Level 2 Award in Support Work in Schools, which enables you to acquire the theoretical knowledge of becoming an assistant teacher for learners under the sixth form.

What are the requirements for becoming a teacher without a degree?

At the ELN The e-Learning Network, you do NOT need any prior Teaching Qualification to enrol in this Diploma in Teaching course. All you need is to have reading and writing skills in order to complete the course. You must be 19+ years old, and have a laptop/computer to access the teacher qualification material on our LMS. The last requirement is to have access to 100 hours of teaching, of which 8 hours must be observed and assessed (we can arrange an assessor visit, assess via Zoom or video recording, or authorise a suitably qualified person in your company). You can do this course while you’re on the job.

Without a degree, you can become a teacher of your Native Language in a foreign country. However, employers would want you to have either a Degree, Teaching Qualification or years of Teaching Experience. You can acquire a Teaching Qualification that can help you land well-paid jobs. State schools can hire you if you do not have a qualified teacher's degree.

What other courses can I do to become a teacher without a degree?

You can also enrol in the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, previously known as PTLLS. This can help you get the basic knowledge about Education and Training in your own specialist area. This course can also make you Become a Teacher without a degree. However, if you are planning to gain the QTS, you must enrol in the Level 5 DET qualification.

If you have any further queries or questions, you can watch our Live Session, where our Trainers answer some FAQs. You can watch it on YouTube to skip to the chapter of your interest. 

Lastly, you can always have a one-to-one call with our trainers by booking your slot through Contact Us.

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