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  • Types of Feedback

    Types of Feedback

    Feedback is an essential part of communication. In its absence, communication can’t possibly be effective. It is the only way to appraise whether the message has been decoded correctly or not. Feedback in education helps both students and teachers strengthen the learning process and can help students improve the chances of their success. There are various types of feedback in current use. Below you will find a summary of some of the most popular types of feedback. 

  • Giving Constructive Feedback

    Giving Constructive Feedback

    Constructive feedback refers to building up matter rather than breaking it down. This type of criticism makes the other person feel that you really want them to improve. For instance, teachers mostly give feedback to students so that they put in extra effort in order to improve their presentation skills or assignments. Also, constructive feedback is not always positive rather it can be focused on the areas where improvement is required.