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  • How to become a Teacher Trainer in Dubai

    How to become a Teacher Trainer in Dubai

    The TLS was developed to ensure Quality and Standards in Education. Attaining the Teachers’ License is now a legal requirement in the UAE for all members of the Teaching and Education industry. It ensures quality and maintains global competitiveness in the Development sector. If you are wondering how to get a teaching license in the UAE, click here to find out more.

    If you become a certified instructor or trainer in your area of expertise, you can easily attain the TLS. However, if you want to start teaching in Dubai primary schools, you must have a PGCE which qualifies you for teaching learners under the age of 16. PGCEs are aimed at different stages of schooling for different subjects

  • Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Course - Quiz
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    Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Course - Quiz

    If you are interested in becoming an IQA or Lead IQA (or maybe you're unsure), take this short quiz to find out if it's the right course for you.

    This quiz can clear all your confusion related to the Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance course. Take this quiz to choose the IQA course that compliments best your profession.

    Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance course qualifies you to become an Internal Quality assurer and a Lead Internal Quality assurer.

  • Education & Training Course Finder - Quiz

    Education & Training Course Finder - Quiz

    Confused as to which course you should opt for? Take this quiz to get your answer.

    You’re in the right place if you’re planning to get into teaching and confused about which course you should do next.

    At ELN, we provide you with quality education and training courses that qualify you to become a trainer in your own specialist area and teach up to the same or lower-level courses.

  • Level 3 Assessor Courses - Quiz

    Level 3 Assessor Courses - Quiz

    Once you complete this online Assessor qualification, if you have the relevant subject expertise you can become a beauty assessor, construction CSCS assessor, health & safety assessor, fitness assessor, driving assessor, social care assessor, early years assessor etc.

    We have a quiz for you that can help you assess which Unit from the L3 Assessor course would prove to be the most meaningful for your own area of specialism and practice. 

  • How to give the perfect Micro Teach | Webinar

    How to give the perfect Micro Teach | Webinar

    Are you planning your micro-teach but still unsure of how to ace it? We've got your back.

  • ELN COVID-19 Assessment Strategy

    ELN COVID-19 Assessment Strategy

    At ELN The e-Learning Network, our ethos has always been to support our learners which has resulted in a 90% completion over the last 4 years. Even now during the current crisis around the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our students across the world have continued completing their courses and are getting certified.

    Closer to home, in the UK, we have been following the announcements and consultations by Ofqual, The Education & Training Foundation and our various awarding bodies, we continue as always to ensure that these updates are included within our ELN COVID-19 Assessment Strategy and communicated to our learners.