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  • Action Learning in Education and Training

    Action Learning in Education and Training

    Action learning is a process that involves people working in a group to resolve real problems, taking actions and learning as a team and as individuals. It helps develop creative and flexible strategies to problems; taking steps to solve a problem and also evaluating its effectiveness i.e. learning from the actions you take.  

  • How to get a QTS

    How to get a QTS

    There are two ways to get QTS. First of all, you must have a minimum C grade in English and Mathematics in your GCSEs to qualify to become an instructor. Considering you have got the desired grades and are planning to enroll in your undergraduate degree, you should opt for bachelor's in Education. However, if you have already completed your Undergraduate Degree, you can opt for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET). 



    SPELL is an acronym for Structure, Positive, Empathy, Low arousal and Links. The SPELL framework understands and responds to the needs of children and adults who have an autistic condition and recognise the unique needs of each individual to emphasise how planning and intervention shall be organised. This framework can be used with all autistic people regardless of their age and the level of support that is required and works as a complementary approach to other approaches such as TEACCH.

  • Emotional intelligence and it’s Components

    Emotional intelligence and it’s Components

    Emotional intelligence, a common term which people confuse with Emotional quotient. A person with higher emotional intelligence is more likely to be successful than one who has a higher 'Intelligence Quotient’, IQ. An emotion is a unique feature that differentiates us from animals and angels.  

    Let’s break down the term Emotional Intelligence. Emotions are feelings that allow us to experience different situations in a unique manner. 

  • Introduction to Education & Training Courses for Beauty Industry | ELN Webinar

    Introduction to Education & Training Courses for Beauty Industry | ELN Webinar

    Are you thinking of becoming a Beauty Trainer, but aren't sure what qualification you need? We've got you covered!

    Planning on becoming a Beauty trainer or assessor, but still, have questions you'd love to ask an experienced professional? We've got you covered!

    In this LIVE session, the ELN's acclaimed tutor provides an overview of what the courses cover, career prospects and answers your frequently asked questions regarding studying the course online with us.

  • How to become a Teacher Trainer in Dubai

    How to become a Teacher Trainer in Dubai

    The TLS was developed to ensure Quality and Standards in Education. Attaining the Teachers’ License is now a legal requirement in the UAE for all members of the Teaching and Education industry. It ensures quality and maintains global competitiveness in the Development sector. If you are wondering how to get a teaching license in the UAE, click here to find out more.

    If you become a certified instructor or trainer in your area of expertise, you can easily attain the TLS. However, if you want to start teaching in Dubai primary schools, you must have a PGCE which qualifies you for teaching learners under the age of 16. PGCEs are aimed at different stages of schooling for different subjects