Director ELN Chosen as Mentor for Cherie Blair Foundation

Director ELN Chosen as Mentor for Cherie Blair Foundation

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Sana Farooq, Director of ELN The e-Learning Network, has been selected as a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Mentoring Women in Business Programme.

The mentorship programme focuses on supporting and empowering women in developing and emerging markets and encouraging them to set up and grow their businesses.

Sana Farooq has done her Masters in English Literature and then, received a Level 5 Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELTA) from Cambridge University. Sana Farooq also has Assessor and Quality Assurance qualifications and is a certified ICRA auditor. She has been practising teacher training and English Language training in the UK, as part of the family business, for the past 8 years.

ELN now has active registrations in 9 countries across Europe and Asia. Sana has also been a TEDx speaker and has recently been selected for the Blackbox Connect programme # 18 based in Silicon Valley, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

Cherie Blaire Foundation’s Mentorship programme provides a secure online platform for female entrepreneurs to connect with each other as mentors and mentees. Each woman entrepreneur would be provided help in enhancing the skills, technology, networks and financial services to become successful business owners.

As Cherie Blair said, “Women often complain about lack of opportunities and about not being promoted – and there’s justice in many of those complaints – but we all need to help those lower down the ladder too. We need to take a leaf from the men’s book and do more to encourage and support women trying to further their careers. If we want more talented women rising through the ranks, if we want to create a pipeline of talent to executive and board-level positions, that’s got to be part of the solution.”

Sana Farooq added, “Mentorship is all about serving and sharing the experiences with mentees to help them evolve in their respective ventures and to assist them in domains where they seek improvement. The idea is to show mentees that there are choices that can be made which will make a difference in their lives. It’s about a learning opportunity for both and for helping the mentee achieve their best potential.”

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