The ELN CPD Seminar for Educators

The ELN CPD Seminar for Educators

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UK, London, ELN The e-Learning Network- ELN The e-Learning Network held an Online 2-Day CPD Seminar for Educators and Trainers on 13th -14th October 2022. Our 5-star rated, expert Tutors gave lectures to help you upgrade your teaching, assessing, quality and inclusivity skills.

Our CPD seminar for teachers was an interactive event where attendees participated and interacted with the tutors. With whiteboards and Q&A sessions at the end, lectures were interactive as well as fun for attendees.  
After the success of the ELN CPD Seminar 2022, we are looking forward to a bigger and better event next year. This year's lectures were to be enjoyed by our live audience. Join us next year for another fantastic CPD Seminar.

Some lectures have been uploaded on our YouTube channel.

ELN CPD Seminar 2022: Meet the Speakers 

We boast of a team of 5-star rated, expert educators with a wide range of teaching, assessing, IQA and EQA experience spanning three continents across multiple sectors. Read below for further details on the speakers and sessions.

Our Director and Founder, Sana Farooq, opened the CPD training event. She is a Lead Assessor, Lead IQA, and registered Internal Auditor and has been training trainers and assessors for over 14 years. Sana's first session, the "Changing Face of TAQA", is available on our YouTube channel. It was about the difference between teaching, assessing and quality assurance. She also discussed industry updates to the TAQA suite of qualifications. On the 14th, she held an interactive quiz-based "Legislation of Education", which focused on how each legislation applies to different job roles.

Farheen Zahid, an MA in Special Education, is one of our most liked tutors. She has extensive experience in SEN teaching, stretching over 12 years. Her topic on 13th October was "SENs in the Classroom", in which Farheen outlined and discussed the categories of SENs in the classroom. Along with the diagnosis of the SEN and how to get help. She also discussed specific learning disabilities to ensure inclusivity in the classroom.

The "Teacher Training Cycle" is available on our YouTube channel. This session helped educators to conduct an academic year effectively. How to plan their lessons according to the Stages of the Teacher Training Cycle and cater to their student's learning needs were discussed.

Kelly Morgan is one of our Education & Training specialists and is a strong advocate for professional development within education and business, as evident from the list of her qualifications. On the 13th, she discussed the "Embedding Core Elements+" in detail. This session effectively provided educators/student-educators tips on embedding core elements, essential skills, and additional learning needs into each session plan. Then on the 14th, we heard her talk on "Psychology of Learning", in which she looked at some of the best theories/methods to practice in today's teaching & learning climate.

Mark Bresland has a whole list of qualifications, like EQA, DCM, DET, IQA, Assessor, and H&S. He is ELN's Training Manager and Internal Quality Assurer; Mark is also a tutor at ELN. His talk on 13th October was "Taking Control, Boosting Your Resilience". The session focused on how teachers can develop ways to boost their resilience in dealing with change and stress. His talk about "Achieving Your QTLS" is available on YouTube and is a must-hear. The session gives an overview to those teachers who want to gain their QTLS. The overview explains the process and provides some helpful tips!

Cordelia Castle has ten years of training experience both in the salon workplace and college environments. Cordelia, aka 'Dee', is our Assessing Specialist and discussed the essential topic of "Evaluation vs Reflection" on 13th October. She explained the differences between the two, as some struggle to differentiate between them.

Her topic on the 14th was as interesting as the first one, "Understanding CPD Through a Wider Lens", in which she discussed the importance of CPD and the things that can be classed as CPD.

George Rigby has acted as a Lead IQA for many organisations. With his training qualifications, George has worked with learners from the US, Asia & and hundreds of learners in the UK. He is our IQA Specialist and provided his expert opinion on "The Importance of (Instant) Feedback" on the 13th. He discussed the power of instant feedback, looking at how the more responsive our feedback is, the more responsive the impact is. On 14th October, his session was on "Positive and Effective Observation".


This year we have started a new tradition of annual CPD Seminars. ELN The e-Learning Network believes in providing accessible education. This is another step forward in offering resources for all.

Contact Us if you wish to upgrade yourself in your professional life.

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