First Aid Essentials

First Aid Essentials

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The care of a sick or injured person right before they get full medical treatment is essential. It may be the only care someone needs in some cases, while in others it may keep them safe until paramedics arrive or someone gets them to the hospital. First aid includes everything from bandaging a wound to preventing someone from a cardiac arrest. 
Basic first aid when someone is unconscious or unresponsive involves looking at:

  • Airway: If someone is not breathing, clear their airway.
  • Breathing: If the airway is clear provide rescue breathing.
  • Circulation: Along with rescue breathing chest compression to keep blood circulating should be performed. In case the person is breathing but they are unresponsive, check their pulse to see if their heart has stopped. In that case, provide chest compressions. 

A simpler version is to check if the person is awake, try to wake them up and call for help. Start with rescue breathing and chest compressions and continue treatment until an ambulance arrives.

First aid for emergencies


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