How to Become a Functional Skills Teacher

How to Become a Functional Skills Teacher

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Did you score well in your GCSE in Math and English? If yes, you can easily become a functional skills teacher in the education and training sector. Pass on your expertise with your teaching skills to the aspiring youth in the UK.

How to become a Functional Skills teacher?

You can train to be a teacher in any subject of your choice by doing the L5 DET / DTLLS course. This course is leading to the QTLS status which allows you to teach in your specialist area in any institution above the sixth form as well as in the FE and HE institutions. To become a functional skills tutor for English, you can opt for ESOL units offered with the DET / DTLLS qualification. If you want to become a math teacher, you can opt for the numeracy units.

How do I become a Functional Skills assessor?

 The classroom-based assessor course, also known as the AVS includes the Assessor Units 1 and 3. The AVS course is suitable for individuals looking to assess learners as a functional skills assessor in an online or a physical classroom. The classroom-based assessor course is ideal for you if you currently work in a school or an educational institute. AVS enables individuals to assess learners in a learning environment better than on-the-job.

How do I become a Functional Skills Internal Verifier?

If you are an experienced functional skills professional and looking to progress in your career as an internal verifier for functional skills, you can take on the L4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment. This IQA course has a practical requirement that you must meet to complete this qualification.

In case you do not meet the practical requirements, the IQA theory-only unit is the next best option for you. The course content of this IQA theory unit will help you gain all the required knowledge that a functional skills internal verifier needs. But you will not be able to verify trainers and teachers.

Functional Skills Teacher Salary

Salary ranges for Functional Skills Teachers in the UK depend on a number of variables, including experience, location, and level of education. The average annual income for a Functional Skills Teacher in the UK is £28,708, according to However, depending on specific circumstances, this amount can range from £20,000 to £43,000. 

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