How to become a Teacher Trainer in Dubai

How to become a Teacher Trainer in Dubai

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Teacher training in Dubai or Dubai trainer courses are among the popular searches in the Teaching and Education Sector in the UAE. Sign up for the Level 4 Train the Trainer course or the Level 5 Fully Qualified Teacher course which are entirely online to get qualified if you are interested in becoming a teacher in Dubai. However, you must also have the relevant license to get into teaching.

Teachers’ Licensing System (TLS)

The TLS was developed to ensure Quality and Standards in Education. Attaining the Teachers’ License is now a legal requirement in the UAE for all members of the Teaching and Education industry. It ensures quality and maintains global competitiveness in the Development sector. If you are wondering how to get a teaching license in the UAE, click here to find out more.

If you become a certified instructor or trainer in your area of expertise, you can easily attain the TLS. However, if you want to start teaching in Dubai primary schools, you must have a PGCE which qualifies you for teaching learners under the age of 16. PGCEs are aimed at different stages of schooling for different subjects. They are broken down into the following:

  1. Lower Primary and Primary Education Teaching, i.e ages 3 – 11
  2. Secondary Education Teaching, i.e ages 11-16
  3. Post-16 and Further Education or PGCE FE and PGCEHE, i.e ages 16 and further

What teacher training courses are accepted in the UAE?

Be it Beauty training, Construction, Security or Special Education, the Level 4 Certificate in Education or the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training qualifies one to teach pupils over the age of 16 in your own area of expertise.

The L4 CET qualification enables you to teach courses up to Level 4 and qualifies you to become a Certified Trainer in your Specialist area. It is widely known as the ‘train the trainer’ course or CTLLS. On the other hand, Level 5 DET or DTLLS is widely known as the QTLS course. It enables you to secure a Level 5 Diploma, get the QTLS (Qualified Teacher Status) and is accepted as a pathway into a Bachelors in Education by any UAE university, which recognises UK qualifications.

You can get into school teaching in Dubai if you have a minimum 4-year University Degree in your area of specialism and one of the teaching qualifications mentioned above. Apart from that, you must meet other conditions such as:

  1. Medical fitness report from UAE
  2. Criminal clearance record
  3. Original Certificates/documents of your Education
  4. Attested degree from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the country's embassy in the UAE in case you have a foreign degree.

Happy Teacher Training!

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