How to choose a path to get into teaching?

How to choose a path to get into teaching?

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When choosing to get into teaching in UK, there are many paths you can consider. Your path will depend on a couple of factors such as your educational background, your location and most importantly; how motivated are you to become a teacher? 

Once you choose your desired path you need to consider the teaching requirements, background checks and applications to fill out. It’s not easy but it is worth the effort. 

To qualify as a teacher you need to have a degree with a period of training completed in form of a short postgraduate teacher training course or an undergraduate degree that includes teacher training. When considering your options you will come across a range of postgraduate training areas that consists of training while you’re studying for a duration of a year. 

In order to teach in private schools or state schools, the requirement is not to have a qualified teacher status. However, having a qualified teacher status (QTS) will give you a better chance of getting a teaching job. Click on How to get QTS which has been explained in detail. 

Study requirements to become a teacher

There are a lot of options to explore and in such a scenario it makes sense to choose to study a subject you are good at. Having a degree works as evidence and a requirement for you to opt for teaching as your career. Moreover, if you choose to teach your degree subject you will be more confident and excited about it because you know you’ll do well at it so a better degree result will ultimately help you in getting the teacher training course you want. 

In order to get into teaching in UK, it is possible for you to not have to go to university and spend money on a degree first. You can choose to enrol in the  Level 3 Award in Education and Training, previously known as PTLLS to get basic knowledge of Education and Training in your specialist area. It is a great entryway for you to get into teaching. 

To get into teaching, at ELN you do not have to worry about taking any prior Teaching Qualification. You just need to have command over reading and writing skills with necessary technological requirements such as a working internet connection and a laptop/ computer to access all the material present on our Learning Management System. 

Requirements to get into a teacher training course

In order to get into teaching in UK, you will need a degree or a relevant qualification which ultimately depends on your teacher training provider whether your qualification meets the requirements. You will also need grade C/4 or above in GCSE English and maths and a declaration of health questionnaire to use as the basis for your medical fitness required to teach. You should also have a school-based work experience of at least two weeks within the age group you wish to teach. It is ideal to arrange this while you are enrolled for your undergraduate degree. 

In case you wish to teach a short subject and your degree is not related to it, you should complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course to develop your knowledge of the subject. 

In case of any questions or queries, you can reach out and Contact Us and book a slot to have a one-to-one call session with our trainers. 

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