Level 3 Assessor Courses - Quiz

Level 3 Assessor Courses - Quiz

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Wonder which Level 3 Assessor course would suit best for your current profession? The new Level 3 Assessor Awards and Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement replaced the older D32, D33, A1 and A2 qualifications. 

We have a quiz for you that can help you assess which Unit from the L3 Assessor course would prove to be the most meaningful for your own area of specialism and practice.

Level 3 Assessor is a 3 Unit course that qualifies you to assess learners in workplaces and classroom learning environments.

Level 3 Award in Understanding Principles and Practices of Assessment is suitable for individuals who do not have access to learners in a classroom nor in their workplaces.

Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment suits best for individuals who have access to learners in their workplace.

The L3 Award in Assessing Vocational Skills, Knowledge & Understanding is suitable for individuals who have access to learners in the classroom.

Once you complete the online Assessor qualification, if you have the relevant subject expertise you can become a beauty assessor, construction CSCS assessor, health & safety assessor, fitness assessor, driving assessor, social care assessor, early years assessor etc.

Doing the Level 3 Assessor course with ELN can benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Unlimited Personal Tutor support - live 1:1 video tutorial for induction (do not add this to AET)
  2. Live Tutorials on Zoom with Peer Discussions
  3. Interest-Free Monthly Instalments - get full access to the course and tutor on first payment
  4. No Hidden Charges
  5. Group Discounts - Contact Us straight away
  6. Quick Certification - due to Direct Claims Status with all our Awarding Bodies
  7. Pearson Edexcel / NOCN accreditation - 2 of the largest Awarding Bodies in the UK and abroad

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