Level 4 CET & Level 5 Trainer Qualification

Level 4 CET & Level 5 Trainer Qualification

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With relevant experience, you want to become a trainer now. But you need clarification about which trainer qualification works for you best. Here, we have discussed what level 4 and level 5 trainer qualifications offer.

Level 4 Trainer Qualification - CET


  • Level 4 CET allows you to become a trainer for level 4 qualifications in your area of experience.
  • While studying for the course, you must demonstrate 30 hours of instruction or training in your area of expertise. In order to enrol in the Level 4 Trainer course, you must have some relevant practical expertise. This required experience should be in the subject matter that you will be training.
  • You do not need any previous trainer qualifications or experience to take this certification.
  • You can teach in Higher Education (HE) institutions and Further Education (FE) colleges with this teaching qualification. 
  • If you need to train your team in your workplace, this certification allows you to carry out the training yourself.
  • To upgrade from level 3 AET trainer qualification to level 4, CET course is the one for you.
  • If you want to upgrade yourself in your teaching career, a CET qualification is the right way forward.
  • The five units in the certification discuss roles, planning process, delivery of lessons, assessments, and use of resources in education and training.
  • Four of these units include minimum core skills. For detailed information on the latest minimum core skills, you can start our series of blogs. Here is the link to the main blog.

Whether you want to become a trainer in beauty, construction, or health care, level 4 trainer qualifications help you upgrade yourself. 


Level 5 Education and Training Qualification - DET


  • If you have level 5 qualifications in your industry, then with level 5 DET, you can become a trainer in your workplace or a trainer of your specialist area qualifications.
  • DET qualification allows you to become a functional skills teacher if you score well in your GCSE Maths or English.
  • With this level 5 teaching qualification, you do not need previous degrees and can opt for National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) or Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) qualifications in your sector. 
  • With this teacher training qualification, you can teach in special education, primary, and secondary schools.
  • There are four mandatory units in the diploma, and two of these units include minimum core skills.
  • You'll have access to 100 hours of teaching, and 8 of those hours must be observed and evaluated. We can organise an assessor visit, assess through Zoom or video recording, or approve a qualified person in your company to perform the assessment.
  • Anyone achieving the level 4 trainer Certificate prior to taking the trainer diploma can bring forward 20 hours of teaching practice and two observations of teaching practice.
  • There are optional units that must total at least 45 credits, some of which can come from the Learning and Development qualification (subject to the rules of combination, credit values, and any additional teaching practice observations).

You can apply for QTLS with the SET (Society for Education and Training) after completing your Level 5 Diploma in Education online course with us. Kindly make sure to visit the SET website to view the eligibility conditions and procedure for QTLLS.

Are you confused about which Education and Training course best suits your needs?

You can figure it out from our tutors' discussion on AET, CET, and DET Course Comparison, or you can Contact Us and let our support team guide you. 


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