Level 4 External Quality Assurance Course

Level 4 External Quality Assurance Course

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The Level 4 External Quality Assurance Courses replace the older D35 and V2 qualifications. The Level 4 External Quality Assurance Course (Awards and Certificate) are suitable for those working within FE Colleges, private Training Providers, Regulatory Bodies or Awarding Organisations, Local Authorities etc.

Upon completing these qualifications, you will be qualified to work as an External Verifier or External Quality Assurer on behalf of a regulatory authority or Awarding Organisation like Pearson Edexcel, City and Guilds, NOCN, Laser Learning, NCFE etc

This includes:

  • Assessors and teachers who want to further develop their knowledge and involvement in the quality assurance of their assessments;
  • Operations/admin managers who are responsible for achieving and maintaining Awarding Body approvals;
  • Internal quality assurers or internal verifiers (IQA or IV’s) who are already working or just beginning work with internal quality assurance and
  • External quality assurers or external verifiers (EQA or EV’s) who are involved in monitoring and improving internal quality assurance systems and assessment processes and practices.

There are three units available in the EQA or External Verifier Awards and Certificate. Your qualification will depend on the combination of units you select. You should choose the units depending on the level of your involvement in the external quality assurance process i.e. whether you have overall responsibility for monitoring and improving your centres’ quality management systems, you want to conduct External Quality Assurance visits on behalf of an Awarding Organisation or you are responsible for leading a team of external verifiers.

The course units and structure are quite similar to the Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Courses. However, here you will focus on wider national legislation and regulatory guidelines, conducting external, third-party visits and perhaps coordinating the standardisation and Quality Assurance activities of a team of External Verifiers or EQA’s.

The following are the three units that combine to make the three different Level 4 External Quality Assurance Courses:

  1. Understanding the Principles and Practices of Externally Assuring the Quality of Assessment
  2. Externally Assure the Quality of Assessment
  3. Plan, Allocate and Monitor Work in own Area of Responsibility

These units overlap and can be used to claim exemption from a variety of Learning & Development and Education & Training qualifications, for example, the Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training and the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.

If you need more details on how these units can be taken as part of these qualifications, click here for CET Optional Unit combinations or here for DET Optional Unit combinations.

If you would like to get more info on the requirements and content of each unit, download our ELN External Quality Assurance Qualifications or read our easy guide for the Certificate & Diploma in Education and Training Optional Units.

The 3 units above can be taken in a variety of combinations to make up the following 3 External Verifier Courses:

Unit 1 ONLY: Level 4 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of External Quality Assurance.

This Award is perfect for you if you do not have access to an external centre where you can conduct an External Quality Assurance visit on behalf of any Awarding Organisation. Most learners do this course to get an understanding of the External Quality Assurance processes and be able to better prepare for their own EV visits. Having this qualification may also make you more successful when applying for a job as EV or EQA with an Awarding Body.

Units 1 & 2: Level 4 Award in the External Quality Assurance of Assessment

This qualification requires access to an external centre which you can visit in order to support them with their Quality Assurance requirements. You will have to show work-based evidence of communicating with, planning for, implementing, conducting and supporting the centre throughout the External Verification process.

Units 1 & 2 & 3: Level 4 Certificate in Leading External Quality Assurance

This is a very specialised qualification with few people able to fulfil all the pre-requirements. You must have access to centres where you support their Quality Assurance systems as well as providing evidence that you lead, monitor and standardise the activities of a team of at least two other External Verifiers or EV’s.

We hope this article answered all your questions regarding the Level 4 External Quality Assurance Course. If we’ve missed anything or if you would like to add anything why not watch the Live Session's FAQs to your answers to your question.

You can always Contact Us and book a one-to-one call with one of our Trainers.

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