Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Course - Quiz

Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance Course - Quiz

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This quiz can clear all your confusion related to Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance course. Take this quiz to choose the IQA course that compliments best with your profession.

Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance course qualifies you to become an Internal Quality assurer and a Lead Internal Quality assurer.


If you are interested in becoming an IQA or Lead IQA (or maybe you're unsure), take this short quiz to find out if it's the right course for you. The IQA course was previously known as the V1 / D33 D34 or Internal Verifier course. The ELN IQA courses are approved by NOCN and Pearson Edexcel so you can rest assured you will get quality service.

Level 4 Certificate in Leading Internal Quality Assurance


That's great! Seems like you are ready to do all 3 units of the IQA (or TAQA) suite of qualifications to become a Lead IQA or Lead Internal Verifier. You have access to 2 assessors to complete evidence for Unit 2 and access to 2 internal verifiers to complete the evidence for Unit 3. Perfect! Click on this link for more info and to buy the right course for you https://www.eln.co.uk/course/l4-certificate-in-leading-internal-quality-assurance

L4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment (IQA)


Looks like you're set to become a qualified IQA or Internal Verifier. This course consists of Unit 1 & 2 from the IQA (or TAQA) suite and it is the required qualification to become a fully qualified Internal Verifier in your own specialist area. You have access to the work of two assessors so you're set to go! Click on this link to find our more or to get the course that's right for you https://www.eln.co.uk/course/l4-award-in-internal-quality-assurance-of-assessment-taqa

L4 Award in Understanding IQA of Assessment (Unit 1 only)


With the answers you selected, it seems that you do not have access to the practical requirements. In this case we can offer you a theoretical understanding of the IQA with no practical experience required. Doing this unit will give you half the qualification required to become an Internal Verifier so will give a prospective employer more confidence in your IQA skills compared to someone with no IQA qualification! For more details click here https://www.eln.co.uk/course/l4-award-in-understanding-iqa-of-assessment-unit-1-only

Do you monitor assessment in your organisation?

Do you have access to two assessors and/or internal verifiers who you can monitor?

Will you be able to video yourself giving feedback to 2 assessors and/or internal verifiers?

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