QTLS Online Course

QTLS Online Course

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QTLS is an acronym for Qualified Teacher and Learning Skills status. The QTLS status is a compulsory requirement for teachers and trainers looking to teach sixth form or above. The QTLS online course qualifies one to become a professional trainer in the lifelong learning sector. 

What qualification is needed for the QTLS? 

There are multiple qualifications that can lead to the QTLS, the most common being the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) which was previously called the DTLLS course. The DET course is the named qualification for the QTLS according to the Society for Education and Training however, they also accept other Level 5 or above teaching qualifications like the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or Bachelors in Education (B Ed).

The PGCE in Further Education (FE) is a postgraduate Level 6, 120+ credit qualification that qualifies you to teach students in the post-16 sector. This qualification is ideal for individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree and are looking to progress in their career as a teacher of their subject expertise. PGCE FE is a 2-year course that requires one to be present at university for lectures, assessments and other activities along with practical experience at a placement school.

The Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, also known as the DTLLS course, is the preferred qualification that leads to the Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status or QTLS course in the UK. This teaching diploma is ideal if you want to teach in secondary schools and higher to learners 16+ years of age. This DET course is also ideal if you plan to teach in Further Education (FE) or Higher Education (HE) institutions like colleges or universities. After completing the DET course, you can train learners in areas of your own expertise. This is an accredited teacher training programme in the UK, most of Europe, the Middle East and other regions of Asia. 

The Bachelors in Education (B Ed) is another teaching qualification however, it is preferred if you are thinking about the Qualified Teaching Status (QTS). To get the QTLS after completing the B Ed, you can opt for a Level 5 training course like the DET.

Do I need a degree to get the QTLS? 

If you want to choose PGCE FE as a route for the QTLS, you need an undergraduate degree in your subject as a compulsory requirement. For individuals who come from B Ed backgrounds, they still need to get a vocational teaching qualification to gain the QTLS. 

On the other hand, to enrol in the DET course online, you do not need a degree. You only require a Level 3 or higher NVQ, QCF or RQF qualification in your subject area to be eligible to enrol in the L5 DET qualification. After you complete the DET qualification, you can claim the QTLS after you complete a six-month period of professional formation with the Society of Education and Training (SET). Check their website for further information on the QTLS process after the DET course completion.

What is the cheapest way to get the QTLS online course?

The diploma in education is the easiest and cheapest route to get the QTLS compared to PGCE or a Bachelor's in Education. This level 5 DET / DTLLS is completely online, shortest in terms of completion and economical. You can acquire this qualification while you’re on the job and study it online self-paced at your own pace. At ELN, you will have unlimited tutor support and study entirely online. Below is a breakdown of cost per qualification:


Home Students

International Students

Bachelors in Education

£9,250 per year approx

£30,548 per year approx


£10,000 per year approx

£11,000 and £20,000 per year approx


£1500 approx (one-time payment)

£1500 approx (one-time payment)

The information above, at the time of writing, shows that the DET course is by far the cheapest route that leads to a QTLS. Moreover, other QTLS courses that lead to the desired status are options that are expensive and time-consuming. You can complete the diploma in education while staying on the job, at your own pace. It has the least eligibility requirements to get enrolled as compared to other qualifications.

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