Teacher training for International Students in UK

Teacher training for International Students in UK

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Teacher training for International Students in the UK

Are you an international student in the UK, also looking for job opportunities to become a teacher or trainer for adult learners? You’re in the right place. In the first place, you must know what teacher training courses are.

Teacher training courses enable students to become teachers/trainers in their own special areas. Therefore you need an accredited qualification to become a teacher in the UK.

Can International students in the UK enrol on the AET / PTLLS course?

Yes, national and international students can enrol in the Level 3 Award in Education and Training course, particularly, if they’re looking to teach learners 16+ years of age. 

What can I do with the AET qualification? 

The AET qualification qualifies you to teach learners in your own specialist area. For instance, if you are a Health and Social Care specialist, you can train learners for any care courses including daycare, child protection, etc. If you are a Beauty and Hairdresser specialist, you can teach beauty courses up to level 3 or below including the Level 3 Diploma in Women’s Hairdressing. This course is suitable for a wide range of sectors like beauty, construction, security, first aid, etc.

Is a Certificate in Education and Training course online suitable for International Students?

The Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training course online enables you to teach courses up to level 4 of your specialisation. Therefore, if you are a Social Worker and plan to do the CET in Education online, you become a qualified social work trainer and teach courses up to Level 4 in the Health and Social Care sector. Similarly, by doing the Level 4 CET course you can teach up to level 4 courses in any sector in the UK. Therefore, sectors such as health and social care, close protection, aesthetics, nursing and dental care, employability skills, functional skills, and more.

Is the Level 5 Education and Training in London suitable for International Students in the UK?

The level 5 Diploma in Education and Training online is a qualification that makes you eligible to apply for the Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) status. This Level 5 DET qualification enables you to teach in Higher Education (HE) and Further Education (FE) institutions. Hence, you can teach courses up to level 5 from your own specialist area. For instance, you can become a Beauty and Hairdressing Trainer in a college or training academy if your expertise lies in beauty and hairdressing. Based on your specialist area, you can even open your own training centre and train others for those vocations. This course is suitable for teaching in sixth form colleges or higher secondary. In other sectors like functional skills, private tuition, college or university teaching, etc. this course will be greatly beneficial. 

How much does a Teacher earn in the UK?

Instructor in Construction - £36,000 a year

Pediatric First Aid Trainer - £150 a day

Instructor in Bricklaying £36,000 a year

Nurse Health Practitioner and Trainer - £26,061 - £28,447 a year

Adult Education Tutors - £17.35 an hour - Part-time

Employability Trainer - £20,000 - £32,000 a year

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