5 Reasons Why Teaching is a Rewarding Career

5 Reasons Why Teaching is a Rewarding Career

3166 views | Farheen | 05-04-2023

A personal blog by Farheen Zahid.

Becoming a teacher was the last thing I thought about when I was young. Social work was always my plan, and I wanted to help people. Initially, I thought a lawyer? Maybe a doctor? Or how about a therapist?

When I finally thought about it - What was that ONE profession that would fulfil the role of all the above professionals? The answer was to become A Teacher.

Teaching is a noble profession held in high esteem for centuries. Growing up, I came across amazing teachers who made a difference. So, I finally chose to become an SEN teacher and did my Master's in Special Education.

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Teaching in classroom is very rewarding

I have vast experience teaching in several sectors ranging from SEN teaching, remedial teacher, school counsellor for helping parents and children, and preschool/kindergarten to primary and secondary education. Now, as a tutor, I am working for ELN The e-Learning Network, training the trainers with level 3 AET qualification. In this blog, we will explore why teaching is a rewarding career for me.

Making a Difference in Other's Life

One of the most significant benefits of being a teacher is the opportunity to make a difference to others. Teachers are uniquely positioned to shape young people's minds and influence their attitudes, beliefs, and values. As a teacher, you have the chance to inspire and motivate your students to achieve their full potential.

The Joy of Seeing Your Students Succeed

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing your students succeed. As a teacher, you get to witness the progress and growth of your students as they learn and develop new skills. You get to share in their triumphs and achievements, which can be a source of great pride and satisfaction. Especially while working with SEN children, I cannot express how amazing it is to see them succeed and go one step ahead. It really is a joy beyond imagination. Knowing you made a difference, even if it was just to that ONE student! It matters.

Intellectual Stimulation

Teaching is a profession that requires ongoing learning CPD, and personal growth. 

As a teacher, you are constantly challenged to stay updated with the latest teaching methods and technologies and develop new ways of engaging your students. This source of intellectual stimulation and personal growth keeps you motivated and engaged in your work.

You're also likely to get questions from students, and giving them a proper and accurate answer may require further research. This usually means that you constantly learn new things and improve at your job as you gain experience.

Flexibility and Variety

Teaching is a career that offers a high degree of flexibility and variety. There are many different types of teaching jobs available, from early childhood education to post-secondary education. You can work in a traditional classroom setting or explore alternative teaching methods like online or distance learning.

I am the best example of this – been teaching for almost 15 years and have tried almost every sector – I have now settled for WFH, E-Learning and tutoring/assessing online, which has proved to be a blessing with my current condition.

Job Security and Stability

Teaching is a stable and secure profession that offers job security and stability. There is always a demand for qualified teachers, and the need for education is not likely to diminish any time soon. This means you can enjoy a long and rewarding career as a teacher, with opportunities for advancement and growth.


In conclusion, teaching is a rewarding career that offers a range of benefits, from the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others to the intellectual stimulation and personal growth that comes with ongoing learning and development.

Whether you're planning to be an elementary teacher, secondary teacher, special needs teacher or education professor, you can search for schools, colleges or universities to teach almost anywhere in the world. We also have the opportunity for e-learning and teaching online. 

Teaching may be your career if you are passionate about education and enjoy working with people. ELN The e-Learning Network offers several teacher training courses that let you be a trainer in your field of expertise. Contact Us if you are inspired to choose teaching as a career.



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