VAK Learner types - Quiz

VAK Learner types - Quiz

2431 views | Administrator | 16-07-2021

Ever wondered what learner type you were?

Or perhaps you wondered what your own students’ learning preferences are so you can make your own lessons more interesting and engaging.

Perhaps you need to find out how you like to learn so that your lessons aren’t biased towards your own preferences instead of your learners!

Well, why not take our COMPLETELY FREE ONLINE VAK Quiz?

The VAK model interprets the three ways through which people commonly learn things. While everyone uses a mixture of these three styles, usually one method is more dominant than others are. So what does the VAK model include?

Students and teachers alike use various methods to study and learn. Making notes, reading books, using the internet and attending lectures are some of the many ways of learning. We all have a way that we prefer to learn; we may not realise which that is or even why we prefer a method. Most people have no idea how they learn. Honey and Mumford Quiz is designed to help you find out about your learning style, whether you are an Activist, a Theorist, a Pragmatist or a Reflector. Take the quiz to find out about your type. 

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