What is QTLS?

What is QTLS?

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QTLS stands for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status in the Education sector. It is recognised as a professional teaching status. The QTLS is a UK teaching licence which enables you to teach and train sixth form or above, i.e. in Further Education and other vocational institutions. It can also be used to teach in schools (sixth form or below) since 2012, however, not all schools accept this yet and would prefer the QTS instead.

Is QTLS right for me?

QTLS is the best choice for anyone teaching in Further Education or vocational institutes. Whether you are new to teaching and want to get initial teacher training, or an experienced teacher in the post 16 sector, gaining the QTLS is the right choice for you. It is a journey of professional formation which is highly esteemed in the UK and beyond so definitely worth considering if you are serious about a career in teaching adults.

Am I eligible for QTLS?

The eligibility criteria to apply for the QTLS is straightforward. You must possess a recognised Level 5 teaching qualification or above from the post 16 sector. The teaching qualification should be one of the following:

For both these teaching qualifications, you must provide evidence of 100 hours of teaching practice out of which 8 should be observed and assessed. Both the L5 DET and the PGCE FE are 120 credit qualifications.

You can also check your eligibility before you register for QTLS on the Society for Education and Training’s (SET) website.

Is QTLS for school teachers?

QTLS is mostly suitable for individuals teaching and training in the FE or vocational sector, i.e teaching learners above the sixth form (aged 16+). As mentioned in the first paragraph above, those who teach learners below the sixth form in schools should undertake QTS instead. 

How can I apply for QTLS?

You can register for QTLS only after you’ve received your initial teacher training certification i.e, PGCE FE or the Level 5 DET qualification. For full eligibility requirements please refer to the SET website.

QTLS for overseas teachers

You can become a UK-qualified teacher as an international student for example from India or the Middle East. For this, you need a teaching qualification at level 5 or above according to the UK NARIC or UCAS equivalency. We regularly take candidates from all over the world on our Level 5 DET course as it is recognised and accepted by employers and universities across the globe.

You can then register for the QTLS only if you satisfy the eligibility criteria as on the SET website.

In conclusion, QTLS is an ideal status for individuals who are looking for job opportunities in the education sector. The L5 DET qualification is the most economical option out of all other qualifications mentioned above. You can study for the L5 DET qualification while staying on your job, it is completely online and self-paced. It is suitable for foreign students studying in the UK or for those who want a UK teaching qualification from abroad like India, UAE, China etc.

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