What to Study at University if you want to get into teaching?

What to Study at University if you want to get into teaching?

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To start your career, you would need a degree in a subject of your choice. Attaining a degree may cost a lot more than you planned to invest in your education. However, the question arises, what to study if you want to teach or get into teaching. First, you must have a graduate degree in the subject of your choice. You will also need a degree or Diploma in Teaching.

Routes to becoming a teacher trainer

There are 2 routes you can choose What to study if you want to teach.
1. Bachelor’s of Arts or Sciences – This route is a wider way to approach a profession. You can attain a Qualified Teachers Status (QTS) after you finish your degree in your subject of choice. If can be in Beauty Training, Construction or even Engineering. You can do your fast-track teacher training alongside your degree. It will help you get employed as a teacher as soon as you finish your Professional Degree.
2. Bachelor’s of Education – This full-time university degree is completely dedicated to making you a Professional Teacher. It will help you gain a Qualified Teachers Status (QTS). A Bachelor’s of Education is usually pursued by individuals who are interested in teaching Primary and Secondary schools.

Gain QTS after graduation

Mostly Primary and Secondary Schools opt for employees who have completed their gradation in subjects other than Bachelors of Education. These teachers take along Teacher Training courses during their graduation programme and get the Qualified Teachers Status (QTS) before graduation.

Opting for an undergraduate route that qualifies you to become a teacher trainer takes about 4 years full-time and 6 years part-time to complete the degree as compared to a graduate programme in some other field. After completing, let’s say, a Bachelor of Science, you can opt for a one-year course Professional Graduate or Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) to become a Teacher Trainer.

Teacher training courses after graduation

This is the best way to keep your options open. Choose a subject of your choice in your graduation programme and score well. Later, you can always opt for courses such as the Level 3 Award in Education and Training if you have access to learners 16+ years of age. It will allow you to teach the subject of your specialist area. Depending on your subject, you can teach in a niche industry and earn enough to fund your further studies.

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