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  • Plagiarism
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    Plagiarism is the act of stealing work produced by some else.  This includes text, images, video, ideas, theories or even the structure of something.  Typically it is where someone copies text verbatim from a source.  They pass it off as their own without crediting either the source or the author.  Plagiarism is regarded as a fraud and therefore a criminal offense.

  • Effective Classroom Management Tips

    Effective Classroom Management Tips

    Planning gives structure to how things work in a classroom; from ice-breaking to seating arrangements and further to assignments and grading. This also involves an understanding of student behaviours and relationships among classmates themselves. Teachers and students need to know what to expect from each other within the classrooms. The classroom management plan allows the teacher to focus on teaching along with engaging the students. 

  • VARK Learning Styles; A Model For Understanding Preferences

    VARK Learning Styles; A Model For Understanding Preferences

    VARK is a popular learning model developed and designed by Neil Fleming in 1987. It aims to help individuals understand their preferred way of learning. The acronym VARK stands for Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinaesthetic, representing the four primary learning modalities. One of the most important foundational elements for educational excellence is understanding the psychology of our brains and how we process knowledge most effectively. It simplifies daily learning, and you'll also discover that the time you spend revising is significantly more fruitful and satisfying. 


  • How to Implement Inclusive Education

    How to Implement Inclusive Education

    Every day around the world many children are unable to join schools and sit in the same classes as their neighbours and friends. The reason they are unable to do so could be poverty, language, race, gender or disability. This is where inclusive education and schools step in. Where there is no separation general education and special, and everyone has an equal opportunity to learn together.

  • What can we Learn from Walter Mischel's Marshmallow Study
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    What can we Learn from Walter Mischel's Marshmallow Study

    In the 1960s, Walter Mischel and his colleagues at Stanford conducted The Marshmallow Study, a series of delayed-gratification experiments with young children.  It is one of the most memorable experiments in the history of psychology and social science research.

    In the original test, which was administered at the Bing Nursery School, at Stanford, in the nineteen-sixties, Mischel’s team would present a child with a marshmallow.

  • Honey & Mumford - Quiz
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    Honey & Mumford - Quiz

    Ever wondered what learner type you were? Or perhaps you wondered what your own students’ learning preferences are so you can make your own lessons more interesting and engaging. Perhaps you need to find out how you like to learn so that your lessons aren’t biased towards your own preferences instead of your learners!

    Well, why not take our COMPLETELY FREE ONLINE Honey & Mumford Learner Types Quiz?