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  • Queen Contributions to Education
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    Queen Contributions to Education

    On 8th September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, passed away at the age of 96 years in Balmoral, Scotland. A feeling of loss and grief has enveloped the country and the world. She was a figure of strength and has left behind a legacy of empowerment. 

    During her reign, she contributed to the causes that have helped shape our society today. She appreciated and supported several organisations for youth, education, cultural exchange, leadership and civic engagement.

  • A Guide to CAVA: Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
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    A Guide to CAVA: Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement

    CAVA qualification is for you as it will train you to assess and evaluate the learners and trainees within the learning outcomes of the qualification. 

    CAVA is an abbreviation for Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, a Lead Assessor certificate course. ELN The e-Learning Network offers this prestigious NVQ Lead assessor certificate. Then you can assess learners pursuing a diploma, RQF, NVQ, or apprenticeship.

  • How to Become a Hospitality Assessor?
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    How to Become a Hospitality Assessor?

    The Hospitality assessors play a pivotal role in training new recruits. The hospitality industry refers to the sectors that provide food and lodging services. This sector includes hotels, and dining businesses, including restaurants and cafés, pubs, motels, campgrounds, and caterers.

  • What is the TAQA qualification?

    What is the TAQA qualification?

    TAQA is an acronym for Training, Assessment, and Quality Assurance qualifications. This was originally a term used by City & Guilds for their Education & Training, Assessment, and IQA suite. However, now it has become a more widely-used term to denote the Assessor and Internal Quality Assurance courses, especially the newer versions of these qualifications, which were updated in 2015. The new TAQA courses have replaced the old Assessor A1 and Verifier V1 qualifications.

  • Teaching & Learning: What is Dyslexia?

    Teaching & Learning: What is Dyslexia?

    Dyslexia is a learning disability affecting people's reading, spelling, and writing abilities. It affects 5 to 10% of the population. 

    It's a common neurological condition that makes learning difficult since the brain interprets information differently. 

    According to some estimates, up to 17% of the population faces reading deficits.

    Generally, dyslexia is a learning disability, but it is crucial to understand what dyslexia is and how it affects a person.


  • Physical & Sensory Impairment

    Physical & Sensory Impairment

    Physical and Sensory impairment means having challenged or diminished ability of one's body or the five senses. The physical impairment may be a loss of function or ability of the body parts or organs. Sensory impairment is the inability of the body to receive information from any of the five senses or to process the collected information.