How IMSATT reduced cost of training delivery

How IMSATT reduced cost of training delivery

What they needed

The team at IMSATT recognised that their training funds are valuable. They needed to be spent solely on the skills being transferred to the organization. However, there were some operational and logistical costs that comprised of 20%-40% of the total budget. IMSATT knew that with this significant level of cost saving, they could increase the number of participants undergoing training within the same budget. This would also increase profitability for them, inviting more investments to their cause.

What we did

Understanding the organisation’s need to be smart with their training funds, we provided them with a cost-effective solution for training without comprising on the quality of the learners’ experience. The learners from IMSATT were given access to some of the best trainers from the UK in the Education and Training sector and interactive learning material on our Learning Management System (LMS). Our trainers provided dedicated support to each of the learners, ensuring that the learners completed the qualifications at their own pace.

The outcome

Our learners from IMSATT completed their qualifications and claimed their certifications seamlessly and remotely. They are now invested in progressing in their profession both horizontally and vertically. We are proud of being able to deliver a phenomenal learner experience for IMSATT while making cost-savings of 20-40% of their training budget possible!

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Yes, we are! And that includes companies that have been as committed as ever to their staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, like you, we’re committed to ensuring that your staff has the best and most safely immersive training experience possible!

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