E.On Energy UK | CAVA Qualification

E.On Energy UK | CAVA Qualification

This company, E.On Energy UK, provides decentralised, green, interconnected energy solutions that provide electricity and protect the environment. 

They aim to lead the global shift towards new technology by working with customers to be more sustainable at home, helping companies reduce their business carbon footprint and build smart and sustainable cities across communities.

Assessors for Workplace

Firstly, E.On Energy needed to ascertain the training of employees was up to mark. Then they checked the training and its implementation on the job. They required assessors to assess learners in their workplace or on-site, so the quality of their staff training remains up-to-mark.

Furthermore, they wanted the IQA team to oversee the work of assessors in the organisation and monitor the team of internal verifiers. This is a senior management position, and the employee was responsible for the centre's overall IQA strategy, policies and processes.

ELN’s CAVA Qualification

Our CAVA qualification equipped the graduates to carry out their job effectively in their workplace or on-site. 

Our internal verifier IQA course empowered the management to plan and process according to the company's requirements and move forward.

Assessing Goes On…

We are privileged to be a part of this company striving to create a better tomorrow. 

E.On employees appreciated the efforts of our highly qualified tutors, who were available and helpful to all the students individually. 

Our LMS provided easy-to-use learning, and each student worked at their own pace. E.On has been collaborating with us for multiple years

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