Foxes Academy | Level 3 AET

Foxes Academy | Level 3 AET

The Aurora Group is the parent agency for the Foxes Academy. It is an academy for nurturing positive outcomes through education and care for children, young people and adults with special educational needs and disabilities.

Personalised Training for Empowerment

Foxes Academy contacted ELN for their trainers' education and training courses. Hence, they signed up their trainers with level 3 AET and level 4 CET. The academy needed personalised attention since the specialised training they delivered to vulnerable young adults was varied, and each trainer's situation was different. Furthermore, they asked each candidate to get optional units as per their professional requirements.

Customised Level 3 AET Qualification

Firstly, ELN conducted interviews with each individual of Foxes Academy, where tutor assessed each candidate and suggested required courses. This exercise ensured that no resources were wasted on unnecessary training for any student. Moreover, our AET and CET courses were provided through our interactive, easy-to-use LMS. We also provide one-to-one support from our trainers, as and when needed. IQA courses ensured the IQA team were qualified and competent in keeping the quality of assessment high. 

Empowered Trainers of Foxes Academy

Our five-star rated, engaging, self-paced, online courses helped the Foxes Academy train its trainers. We empowered the trainers to empower their students effectively.

We are proud of the constructive relationship we have established with Foxes Academy and Aurora group through effective training

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