National Health Services | CET Qualification

National Health Services | CET Qualification

The United Kingdom's publicly funded healthcare systems are collectively referred to as the NHS, the National Health System. The term "NHS" refers to three different systems (NHS England, NHS Scotland and NHS Wales). The main idea for establishing the NHS was to provide universal and comprehensive clinical services to the underprivileged.

NHS Trainer Training

ELN is now proudly trusted by eight NHS trusts for the training of their staff. As the NHS is a big organisation, it requires our support in training its medical experts, nursing trainers, dental and healthcare trainers, mental health professionals, first responder personnel etc. The NHS needs qualified trainers, IQAs, and assessors, and ELN is proud to work with our nation's medical trainers and professionals.


CET Qualifications for NHS Trainers

Most nursing/dental trainers chose to acquire Level 4 CET qualification, while other medical and healthcare trainers opted for our Level 3 AET, assessor qualifications, and IQA certification. The training started with one-on-one sessions with our tutors to streamline their training journey. Our 5-star rated qualified tutors provided timely assistance and personalised support.

Moreover, our interactive and user-friendly LMS motivated the learners to complete the course requirements quickly, with many NHS trainers finishing their training within a few weeks. The ELN team carefully paid close attention to each student and provided each one with personalised support. 

It is an honour for ELN to be chosen by eight NHS trusts. The trainers were impressed by our self-paced courses and the easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS), which became a rapid and quality learning tool.

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